Noshing in New Orleans

17 Jan

Today is Tasty Tuesday!

We are in New Orleans this week, and we thought we’d share a few of our favorite places to eat. Before we get to it, however, let us know: where have you been, and what was your favorite thing to eat there?

Here are a few of ours:

– Cafe du Monde: everyone living in, visiting, or who has heard of New Orleans has heard of Cafe du Monde. They serve delicious beignets, which come covered in mountains of snowy white powdered sugar.

– Felix’s Oyster Bar: this neighborhood spot is across from the Acme Oyster House and serves up traditional classics such as po’ boys, red beans and rice, gumbo, and of course fresh oysters. Although not everyone is a fan of oysters, it is worth mentioning all the same.


– Finnegan’s Easy: this awesome little bar is across the street from Pat O’Brien’s and was just perfect for what we were looking for. Good drinks, delicious fried bar food, and a wonderful bartender. Some highlights: a giant Pimm’s cup, fried macaroni wedges, delicious fried wings, meat pies, and an interesting mix of regular locals.

Other places we hope to check out:

– Galvez: Spanish tapas and specialties

– Royal House Oyster Bar: traditional classics

– Maragritaville: touristy, but worth the jalapeno macaroni and cheese

– Napoleon House: famous drinks and eats

– NOLA: one of Emeril’s restaurants, has delicious food and wonderful service

Does anyone have any suggestions for us while we are here? And don’t forget to share other places you’ve been and tried!

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