Gluten-Free Five-Minute Chocolate Cake

21 Feb

With Valentine’s Day and Fat Tuesday nearly behind us, I figured it has been much too long since I posted something delicious. Here is a 5-minute microwaveable (that’s right) chocolate cake. I think I may have posted this recipe in the past, but this time I have a photo and have tweaked the recipe a bit. You can find the original recipe here:

4 Tbl rice flour

2 Tbl sugar

2 Tbl cocoa powder

1 egg

3 Tbl milk (I use the lactose-free kind and still turns out delicious)

3 Tbl oil (I’ve used vegetable oil and olive oil – both turn out just fine)

3 Tbl chocolate chips (optional)

In a large mug combine the ingredients and mix well. Make sure the ingredients are thoroughly combined – it is easy to be lazy, but it won’t come out right if you don’t mix it well. Now what? Stick the mug in the microwave – you heard correctly – and cook for three (3) minutes. Depending on your microwave you may need more or less time, but it should be just fine. You will see the cake rise above the rim of the mug, but that is simply part of the delicious magic, don’t worry. When time is up remove the mug (be careful – it will be hot). I turn mine out onto a small plate or into a small bowl. Depending on how hungry I am, or if I am sharing, I split the cake in half and it is more than enough for both of us. I’ve topped the cake with Nutella, cherry-port reduction, and powdered sugar (as in the photo above). Feel free to try different variations and let us know how they turn out!

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