Gluten-free Crepes with Orange-Blueberry Sauce

2 Mar

One of my first gluten-free recipes was for crepes. Why? They are so easy, you can top them, fill them, or shovel them, and it translates into a gluten-free recipe pretty well. I had a recipe that I loved, but have since forgotten it (that’s what I get for not writing it down), so I tried this one this morning. It can definitely be improved, but it is a start.


1 c brown rice flour

1 Tbl sugar

1.25 c milk (I used Lucerne Lactose-free milk and it works just fine)

2 eggs

1 tsp vanilla extract

zest of an orange (optional)

In a mixing bowl (or measuring cup, which is what I used), combine the ingredients thoroughly. I like using a clear bowl so that I can make sure all of the flour is incorporated. Heat a frying pan, slap in a dab of butter, a spray of oil, or whatever you like to use. The batter should be very thin. Pour (or scoop with a measuring cup of your liking) the batter into the fry pay and swirl to coat most of the pan. If you’re lucky enough to have a crepe pan, have at it. As for how long to wait before you flip it – I flip mine as soon as they hold together and aren’t runny. I have a new stove that I am getting used to as well, so the timing may vary. I flip them onto a plate, parchment, or whatever I have on hand until serving. Serve with orange-blueberry sauce and enjoy!

Orange-blueberry sauce:

1.5 c frozen blueberries

3 Tbl sugar

Juice of one orange (I used the orange I zested for the crepes)

Splash of Port (optional)

Simmer on medium until it has reduced to a syrup-like consistency. Spoon onto buttered crepes, top with whipped cream (or my favorite – Cool Whip) and enjoy.


One Response to “Gluten-free Crepes with Orange-Blueberry Sauce”

  1. Steven Hayes March 2, 2012 at 10:54 am #

    I like to fill mine with nutella and whipped cream!!! Yum I’m getting hungry just thinking about it!!!!

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