Candied Orange Peel

7 Mar

After months of meaning to get around to it, I’ve finally tried candying orange peel. How did it turn out, you ask? I think it was quite a success. There is always room for improvement, but hey.

4 oranges

3 c water

2 c water

2.5 c sugar

1-2 c sugar

First step: peel your oranges. Here’s the deal: everyone has their own method of doing this. Some people cut it in half, then again, then peel the fruit out. Some people use a veggie peeler to get just the peel and no pith (that’s the white part) at all. Other people cut the top and the bottom off the orange and slice pieces off. It doesn’t really matter how you do it, as long as it gets done. I will note, though, that I wish I would have cut some of the pith off so that my final product didn’t have a bitter bite. No one seems to mind, though.

In a saucepan bring the 3 cups of water to a boil – this is for blanching the orange peel first. When the water is boiling, dunk the peels in for about 30 seconds, pull them out, and let them drain in a colander in the sink. When you’ve blanched all of the peel, bring the 2 c water and 2.5 c sugar to a boil in a saucepan or deep frying pan. I did mine in batches as to not overcrowd the peel in the pan, but you can do it however you’d like. I simmered the peels in the simple syrup for quite a long time in an attempt to get rid of the pithy bite. I’d say I boiled the damn things for about an hour, easy.

When the oranges have absorbed the syrup, look a bit translucent, and taste good (yes, of course I sampled them) pull them out with a slotted spoon to drain off the excess syrup and place them on parchment or wax paper to cool. Make sure they are spaced out so they don’t dry together.

When the syrup has dried to the point of tacky, set up a bowl or plate with the remaining 1-2 c sugar. Dip, drop, or gently coat your peels in the sugar to coat. Place them on parchment again and let them dry. I dried mine overnight on the counter on a baking rack (on parchment). By the time I put them in a plastic bag to keep they had diminished in number quite a bit due to sneaky eaters.

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