Grant’s Irish Stew

16 Mar

Grant Allen is more of a fiery Scotsman than an Irishman, but he can still make a mean Irish stew. If you’re in the Sacramento, CA area, check him out at Red Rabbit Kitchen + Bar on J Street. Here is the recipe, in his words, straight from his email, minus a few hilarious comments (sorry, man):

Man’s Irish Stew.
1.5lbs Med Diced Lamb Shoulder
4oz butter
4oz ap flour, or rice flour for gluten free (Kali’s note: he included that because I’m gluten-intolerant, which he refers to as “a gluten”)
2 Large yellow onions med diced
4 Celery stalks med diced
10 Carrots med diced
2-3lbs Yukon gold potatos med diced (or little new potatos for a rustic look)
1 bunch of thyme picked and minced
1.5 tablespoons minced garlic
1 small head Green Cabbage shredded, or Julliened
1 pint Guinnes Draught
2Q Chicken Stock or Broth (if you have lamb stock cool, but be warned it will be pretty gamey, then again if you have lamb stock you should already love lamb flavor, and will be a happy paddy)
Salt and pepper to taste (note: The cabbage and potatoes love salt and will soak up quite a bit, you can get away with bumping up the salt)

1 bottle of jameson
4 more pints of Guinness

In one large pot brown the meat in canola oil. Once browned, removed the meat and drain off the fat. Add the butter, and sweat the mirpoix (carrot onion celery), garlic, and thyme. A bump of salt helps speed up this process and is great foundational seasoning. When the onions are are starting to soften up add your flour and thyme. Let this mixture go for a few minutes or to a blonde roux. Next whisk in your stock and guinness into the mixture (if you have a gluten allergy then leave out the beer). Add the lamb and bring everything up to a low simmer and cover for an hour. After an hour add your potatos so they don’t over cook, and finish with the cabbage when your spuds are tender. The bottle of jameson and extra guinness are for the chef during the prep and cooking process. Happy cooks make happy food, and Guinness and Whiskey makes cooks happy!

Kali’s note: although I haven’t tried it yet, I did find a gluten-free dark beer called Green’s Discovery or Explorer (or some adventurous name) and I’ve seen it at my local Whole Foods. Check out their website:

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