Bountiful Brunch

8 Apr

Brunch has always been a bit of a mystery to me since it seems to usually be eaten around lunch-time, but it is always fun. I hadn’t hosted brunch until this year and it was a hit! I wanted something low-maintenance, delicious, fresh, and pleasing to everyone. I don’t usually toot my own horn, but I think I succeeded. We fed eleven people total, with multiple helpings, and had food to spare.

Note: not everything in the meal was gluten-free. I am usually hyper-sensitive about that, but because I didn’t do all of the shopping it was out of my control. You know what? It was just fine.

On the menu (recipes to come):

Farmer John glazed ham – this was not gluten-free. The ham itself had modified food starch, which always makes me nervous, but the glaze contained wheat starch. Shame, but no biggie. Next time we will be more careful.

Mashed potato cakes – gluten-free, delicious, and made from left over mashed potatoes.

Spinach-parmesan frittatas – gluten-free, quick-cooking, and EASY.

Silver dollars with blueberry compote (which I’ve made with my crepe recipe) and ginger syrup – gluten-free thanks to Gluten-free Bisquick. The compote was homemade and the ginger syrup was an awesome find at Whole Foods.

B.L.T. salad with homemade creamy pesto dressing – gluten-free, fresh, and pretty darn good.



Hollandaise sauce – not gluten-free, from a packet. If I had more time or energy I would’ve made my own.

Strawberries with basil and honey – gluten-free, unique, and beautiful.

Rolls – not gluten-free, and (again) if I had more time or was a bit more organized I would’ve made my own for sure.

Here is what I had (and had two more times):

What did we drink, you ask? A deliciously refreshing grapefruit-gin sparkler. Yes, it is gluten-free. I’ll be posting that A.S.A.P. as well.

One Response to “Bountiful Brunch”

  1. Don Hayes April 8, 2012 at 8:31 pm #

    This Don, Kali’s Father-in-law, the brunch was fantastic and Kali really knows how to host a gathering. Looking forward to her next get together.


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