Mashed Potato Cakes – Gluten-Free

9 Apr

Who doesn’t love mashed potatoes? Whether you love ’em or hate ’em, this recipe will blow your mind. Well, hopefully. I made these for a brunch on a whim and they were everyone’s favorite. Out of all the leftovers we had, these were nowhere to be found. They’re easy, make use of left over mashed potatoes, and can be made with or without gluten (depending on the flour you use).

Note: I made enough of these to feed 11+ people, but the recipe can easily be halved. Although I didn’t have any left to freeze, I bet freezing them for later would be just fine.

8 c mashed potatoes

1 c cheddar cheese, grated

2-3 eggs (if you halve the recipe try 1-2 eggs)

1/2 c gluten-free flour (I had Pamela’s Bread Mix on hand, but you can use anything as long as it helps hold the patties together)

1 Tbl dill weed (I used dried, but fresh would be delicious)

2 scallions, finely sliced

1 tsp garlic powder

1+ tsp salt

Black pepper to taste

Combine ingredients in a large bowl and stir thoroughly to combine. I added my eggs one at a time and mixed well after each addition until I got a the consistency I was looking for. I actually added a bit of the flour at a time as well, totaling about 1/2 c flour.

Heat a skillet or griddle on medium heat. I am still getting used to my electric stove and burned the first batch, but hopefully you will have more luck. Since I was using a non-stick pan I didn’t use butter or oil, but feel free if you find it necessary. Next, using a regular spoon to help, form balls with the potato mixture about the size of an eyeball (yeah, I said it). I did this as I went, but it probably would’ve been much more efficient to form all the balls, then fried them. Next time. You can use extra flour on your hands to help you with this, but I found it to slow me down (since I was hard-pressed to crank out brunch).

Flatten the balls slightly and place in/on your pan. I flipped mine as soon as they came loose from the pan on the first side without any coaxing. If I was able to slide the pan around and the patties came free, I flipped them. They don’t take long to cook at all, maybe a couple minutes on each side. Some of mine turned out brown, some turned out burnt, but they all tasted great. I got some feedback after brunch about adding more pepper, but other than that they were glorious.

You could add bacon bits, omit the dill, omit the scallions and make them cheddar-dill, etc. Feel free to add what you like.


One Response to “Mashed Potato Cakes – Gluten-Free”

  1. sybaritica May 29, 2012 at 4:39 am #

    Wow… those would be lovely as a breakfast accompaniment or just by themselves. Maybe with a little applesauce?

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