B.L.T. Salad with Creamy Pesto Dressing – Gluten-Free

12 Apr

This recipe was inspired by my lack of motivation for brunch. My first idea was to make individual B.L.Ts with gluten-free bread, but I am just too lazy. Instead, I figured I’d turn it into a salad. Why? Salads are great ways to feed a lot of people, are versatile, and are pretty inexpensive to make. I left the gluten-free bread out, but croutons could easily be added.

Note: this recipe fed 12 people and there was still a ton left over. You could easily reduce the quantities to suit your needs.

3 small heads of romaine lettuce

1 pint grape tomatoes

1 c bacon bits (I fry up a few pounds and make my own, that way they are extra crispy)

Couldn’t be easier: chop the lettuce however you like for your salads, halve the tomatoes, and combine in a big giant bowl. Add bacon at the last minute so your lettuce doesn’t get too soggy. I bet it would be delicious with bleu cheese crumbles, too. Mmm, the possibilities.

Serve with the deliciously easy Creamy Pesto Dressing!


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