Chocolate Truffle Torte

19 Jun

Happy Tuesday, people.

Working new hours, getting home improvement projects done, and trying to find time to rest (or do anything else) has been a challenge lately. It was only a matter of time before I baked, and here is what I came up with.

I made this recipe for Father’s Day, and paired it with mint chocolate chip ice cream. It was pretty friggin’ good and luckily for me, I wasn’t the only one who thought so.  It was a hit, and I was grateful for the praise.

This has two layers: one is flourless chocolate cake, and the other is chocolate ganache. When I served it up the ganache hadn’t quite firmed up, but was almost fluffy and smooth like a rich fudge sauce. It was good.


1/2 c semisweet chocolate chips (or bittersweet, or shaved, etc.)

1/2 c butter

3/4 c sugar

1/2 c cocoa powder

3 eggs

1 tsp blackberry brandy (or orange liquor, or vanilla extract, etc.)

Preheat the oven to 300 F. Line an 8-inch springform pan with parchment (including the bottom – just trace the shape onto parchment and cut out). In a double boiler melt the butter and chocolate until smooth and combined. Let cool slightly.

Note: if you don’t have a double boiler (like me) you can use a heat-safe bowl over a bit of boiling water – I used a pyrex bowl that happened to fit right over a small saucepan I have with an inch or two of water, and it did the trick.

In a bowl combine sugar, cocoa, eggs, and brandy. Whisk to combine. Slowly add the melted chocolate and stir to combine. Pour into your lined springform pan and bake for roughly 30 minutes, or until a toothpick comes out clean. Let cool.


2 c heavy whipping cream

2 c semisweet chocolate chips (or chocolate of your choice, as with the cake)

1-2 tsp flavoring, optional – I didn’t add anything, but mint or blackberry would be nice

Again with the double boiler: heat cream until hot (not boiling), and throw in the chocolate chips. Turn the heat off and stir slowly to melt the chocolate. I should have taken pics of the color change as I stirred, but I will next time. Carefully pour the ganache over the cooled cake and let chill until the ganache is firm (like the inside of a chocolate truffle). I chilled mine for about 2 hours and it hadn’t firmed up, but was delicious nonetheless. Pop open the pan, gently peel the parchment off of the sides, slice, and serve with or without ice cream!


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