Fabulous Figs

12 Sep

Figs are a little foreign to some people, which is completely understandable. They’re little packets of goodness, but can leave us feeling a little lost. They come in different colors (what do the colors mean?), they have seeds (do you eat those?), and they have stems and skin (which do you eat?). I can’t tell you how everyone enjoys them, but I can tell you this: I eat the entire thing.

The other day I enjoyed mine sliced in half, drizzled with some aged balsamic vinegar, local honey, and topped off with shaved parmesan cheese. They were delicious. They were sweet, creamy, tangy, and salty, and really hit the spot.

Other ways of enjoying them include serving them with:

Gorgonzola and honey

Blue cheese and pancetta or bacon

Honey and pistachios

Ricotta and almonds

And so on.

The point is: they are delicious with just about anything, but it just so happens they go well with cheese and some crunch or sweetness. I’ve even enjoyed them with honey, pistachio bits, and Sriracha!

If you come across some ripe figs on your journey, I strongly recommend you try them – both alone and paired with something delicious!

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