Bangin’ B.L.C.s

15 Oct

What is a B.L.C. you ask? Why, a bacon-lettuce-cilantro, of course! Crazy talk, I know. But give it a try, and you’ll be crazy about it. It is delicious. And satisfying.

I recently ordered a bag of Ener-G tapioca dinner rolls from (one of my favorite sites) to have in my pantry. They are perfect for dipping in pasta sauce or soups, and good plain with butter and jam. I usually eat two rolls right out of the bag when they arrive. Yes, they’re that good.

I happened to still have them on hand when my husband fried up some delicious bacon for a breakfast treat. I had a vision: a glorious Kali-sized (I’m 5’3″, so everything I have is small) BLT! But no – we had no tomatoes. What we did have, however, was a bunch of fresh cilantro, and as I opened the refrigerator door my Sriracha called to me (as it usually does). Then it came to me: bacon, lettuce, cilantro, mayo, and hot sauce. Yes, please.


These little flavor-packed morsels were just what I was looking for to start my day. And, thanks to Ener-G’s convenient rolls, I was able to enjoy a satisfying meal at that!

I used:

2 Ener-G tapioca rolls

3 slices of bacon, cut in half before cooking (to make six mini pieces)

Handful of torn lettuce

Handful of cilantro leaves



First, I sliced the rolls in half and toasted them up (in my dedicated toaster, of course). I think this may be my favorite way to enjoy these rolls, actually. It really brings out the flavor.



Next I slapped some mayo on each piece, and drizzled on some sriracha. I spread it to the edges (full flavor, people) with a knife just to make sure I had some kick in every bite.


Next up: bacon strips, lettuce, and cilantro piled high. Couldn’t be easier.


Top ’em off with the top half of the bun, and enjoy! I ended up needing more kick, so I mixed up some mayo and sriracha on my plate and dipped my little bacon babies before I took a bite. It was wonderful!

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