Spatchcockin’ it.

20 Nov

spatch·cock [spach-kok]

noun 1. a fowl that has been dressed and

split open for grilling.

That’s right.

Why is this of any relevance? Well, because. It is easy and effective, and gets your turkey cooked a whole lot faster than you’d think.

Last year my hub and I smoked out turkey outside our apartment door and without realizing it, we had spatchcocked the dang thing so it would fit on the smoker. Turns out it is a real method of dealing with your bird, and it works out nicely.

This year we are out of that tiny apartment and in our very own home. Will we be roasting the turkey? No way. Our spatchcocked turkey will be smoked once again on our smoker – this time in our backyard instead of on our apartment stoop.

We figured we should test the smoker to make sure we know what’s up, so we did a chicken. Now, I could’ve done a turkey and been all fancy and prepared for you guys (which of course is my ultimate goal), but I thought that having turkey before Thanksgiving would just be turkey overkill in our household. So, you get to see our process with a chicken.

Step one: clean out your little bird. I tossed the insides because I don’t use them.

Step two: cut the backbone out. Sounds savage, I know, but it is the key to this method. You can use kitchen shears or a knife (like I did).

Step three: open the bird up. I like to clean up any yucky parts or trim the fat.

Step four: flip the bird over (so it is breast-side up) and push down on the sternum to flatten it all out.

Step five: season it to your liking. Here I did garlic salt, lemon zest, Cajun seasoning, thyme, and black pepper. Easy.

As far as the smoking part goes, that is all Steven. He is in charge of the smoker, but I can tell you that we use a small amount of chips (you can use any “flavor” you like – I think we used applewood) and put a lemon and apple cider in the steam pan.

When the little bird came off the smoker, it fell apart and was absolutely delicious and juicy.

For more instruction/info on how to spatchcock your bird, check out the easy-to-follow directions by Martha Stewart here.

Also, check out Jeff Phillips’ awesome site ( for smoking tips and tricks. He has a great newsletter and great recipes, too. He has a great recipe for cranberry-brined turkey that is worth checking out!







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