Happy New Year!

4 Jan

It is hard to believe we are already a few days into the new year. It seems as thought I cannot wait for the holidays to arrive, and once they do they go by much too quickly.

Surprise! It is 2013!

I’ve been hearing a lot of people commenting on how 13 is their lucky number, so this year is bound to be a good one. I have to agree. Thirteen has always been a significant number (my new house was my 13th move, and so on). I’m hoping for good things this year.

For years I simply hoped for good things to happen. This year is different, though. Over the past few years – which have been full of learning experiences – I’ve realized just how much power we have over our own happiness. I feel like I have always been aware of that simple fact, but in recent years it has become too important to ignore.

That being said, here are a few of my resolutions:

Be happy. Or rather, remember to stay happy since I am in charge of my happiness meter.

Stay grateful.

Nail a great paid internship.

Teach a few dance classes.

Take a few dance classes.

Cook more.

Try my hand at a cookbook.

Try more new things – food, experiences, clothes, routines, whatever.

Ride my bike.

Stop worrying. About everything.

Love more freely.

I encourage all of you to come up with realistic and meaningful goals for yourselves, too.

Cheers to the new year!


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