English buns … Hamburger muffins … Whatever.

13 Jan

These bad boys are DELICIOUS.

I set out to make English muffins, realized I couldn’t shape them correctly, and voila – English buns were born. Or hamburger muffins. Or whatever.



That scrumptious concoction is a B.L.C. – bacon, lettuce, cilantro. I’ve posted about them before, complete with sriracha (yum) and garlic. Previously, however, I used yummy Ener-G tapioca rolls. Try them, they’re good.

This time I used my own English hamburger roll things. They were chewy, light, hearty, and toasted up like English muffins with plenty of nooks and crannies. The egg wash created a nice crust, and the tapioca flour created a wonderful chewiness inside.

You’ll need:

2 c tapioca flour

1 c white rice flour

1/2 c sorghum flour

2 tsp xanthan gum

2 tsp salt

1 c milk + 1/2 c water, warmed to 110 degrees F

2 Tbl yeast

4 tsp sugar

4 egg whites (save the yolks for an egg wash)

4 Tbl olive oil

In a glass measuring cup heat milk and water until warmed. Add sugar and yeast, and stir to combine. Set aside to proof (let the yeast foam up).

Meanwhile, in a stand mixer outfitted with the paddle attachment combine tapioca, rice, and sorghum flours. Add gum and salt. Mix for a few seconds to combine.

Once the flours have been blended, and the yeast has foamed up, add the egg whites and oil to yeast mixture. Whisk to combine. Add yeast mixture to the flour mixture. Mix on medium speed until smooth, about 3 minutes.

It will be poofy, light, and sticky. Don’t be alarmed.



Line a baking sheet with parchment, and scoop the dough/batter onto the parchment. (Note: I got about 11 globs out of the dough – 5 on parchment, and I also tried 6 in a muffin top tin.)



Oil your fingers, and shape the globs (technical term) into patties.



Using the left over egg yolks, coat the tops of the patties generously.



Let rise for about 15 minutes. Bake for 15-20 minutes at 375 degrees F. They’ll be golden, bouncy, and aromatic.



Let them cool for a few minutes. This is important so the tapioca can set up a bit and not be so gelatinous. Once they’ve cooled a bit and have firmed up, feel free to chow down. They are light and chewy, and I couldn’t resist.



I sliced one in half. Check it out.


Then I toasted it to see what it would do. What was the outcome? The most delicious English muffin thing I’ve ever had. My mom happened to be over and practically inhaled a few of them right off the pan.



Then, in my excitement, I made some bacon, tore up some lettuce and cilantro, mixed together some sriracha mayo, and assembled my B.L.C.



I had two of them. Then another one the next day. They continued to toast up perfectly every time and lasted a few days in a bag on the counter. They were gone within a few days, so I couldn’t tell you how long they’d last or if they’d freeze well. I’m guessing they’d freeze quite well.


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