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1 Jun

This may very well turn into a permanent page on the site, but I thought it was important to share some of the gluten free products I have in my kitchen. I have been asked quite a bit lately about where to start, what products taste good, and where to find inexpensive gf products (the bill can add up fast). So, here are some of my favorites. If you have any that I haven’t included, PLEASE shoot me an email or comment so that other folks can benefit.


Pamela’s Gluten Free Bread Mix is one of my absolute favorite mixes. It tastes like a homemade wheat bread fresh from my grandma’s oven. Pamela’s also has all kinds of baking mixes, bread mixes, cookies, and snacks.

Bob’s Red Mill products include bread mix, biscuit mix, baking mix, and so on. They have a blend or mix or flour for virtually every gluten free need you may have. They also have gluten free oats, which can be tricky to find.

Udi’s Gluten Free has all kinds of products as well, but I lived off of their pizza crusts for quite a while on my journey. I have since learned to make my own delicious pizza crust using my flat bread recipe  or french bread recipe, but their product is a great go-to. Udi’s also carries bagels, breads, rolls, muffins, cookies, tortillas, granola bars, and granola. And, they have just announced that their products are available at Walmart!


Blue Diamond Nut Thins are great and come in different flavors

Glutino has crackers, crisps, pretzels, pizza crusts, cookies, mixes, and so on. I LOVE their pretzels. In fact, my gluten-eating friends love them too!


Bob’s Red Mill products, like I mentioned, include everything under the sun. I use their flours for everything and am always pleased with the end product. Some staples in my pantry: white rice flour, sorghum flour, garbanzo flour, tapioca flour, brown rice flour, xanthan gum, and any number of cookie or bread mixes.

Betty Crocker carries more gluten free products every time I go to the store! It is great. My staples are the gluten free brownie mix, cookie mix, white cake mix, and chocolate cake mix. So delicious. I’ve also stocked up on the Gluten Free Bisquick (that’s right), and it is perfect for a quick meal.

Pamela’s baking products are ALWAYS good as well. Their mixes include cake, brownies, cookies, frostings, scones, and biscuit mix.


Kikkoman carries a gluten free soy sauce that is delicious.

San-J also carries a line of tamari and soy sauces in addition to their salad dressings, stir fry sauces, and crackers. Their products are AWESOME. I love the variety and I can usually find them in any grocery store I go to.

Little Soya soy packets are SO cute and shaped like little fish. These little packets are perfect for lunches, throwing in your purse for dinner outings, or for school. They are also resealable! That is a HUGE plus. I use these little guys for lunch on the go all the time.


– Kraft has a bunch of gluten free dressings, but be sure to check the label.

– San-J (mentioned above) carries Asian-inspired dressings.

Newman’s Own has gluten free products as well, but be sure to check the label.


– Glutino pretzels are my favorite!

– Nut Thins, as mentioned above

– Pamela’s cookies and biscotti


– Welch’s fruit snacks

Mariani’s Honeybars


Amy’s  products are a life-saver. Products include Mexican-inspired meals, Thai-inspired meals, burritos, rice bowls, soups, beans and veggies, and yes, even MACARONI AND CHEESE! It is delicious. They also have gluten free lasagna which is just like my mom used to make. So good. Check them out in the freezer section of most stores.



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