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Thank you!

22 Nov

On this Thanksgiving Thursday, 2012, I would like to thank all of my friends, blog followers, readers, twitter followers, and family who have supported me in starting (and continuing) my blogging adventure. It has been a slow start, but I hope to truly become a gluten free resource and couldn’t do it without all of your support.

This year has been a wild one, and I have all kinds of things to be grateful for. Reflecting upon this past year since last Thanksgiving, let’s recap:

November 2011 – Applied to grad schools, smoked our first turkey on the tiny stoop of our apartment, fully realized we found our first home and panicked about our qualifications and paperwork

December 2011 – Spent most of it wondering if we’d be moving and if I had gotten accepted to graduate school … And had many a moment when I was grateful that I was even fortunate enough to be looking into buying a home or into grad school … Was also grateful for my dad making it a year since his triple bypass and hospital stay in Dec 2010!

January 2012 – Home purchase approved! Waited and waited for move-in date, spent most of the month doing home inspections, wondered about grad school

February 2012 – Moved in to our very first home! It was a really surreal experience.

March/April 2012 – Was accepted to all graduate programs I applied to!

May 2012 – Graduated with my BA in Psychology, began summer-long Operation Make-My-House-A-Home mission, got a job as a nanny for a wonderful family

August 2012 – Started my grad program

September/October 2012 – Whirled around trying to stay sane

November 2012 – Am in disbelief at how my life has been going, am grateful to have such a wonderful husband, warm home, great friends, and an exciting future

Thank you to everyone who has helped me along the way, and to those of you who will support and help me in the future. I am so grateful!

Feedback for Urban Wifery wanted!

29 Mar

Good morning, everyone!

As I mentioned a few posts back I have plenty of posts on the way, but before I get to them I’d like to throw this one out there.

What is this post about? Feedback!

I am all about improving, evolving, changing, and am open to constructive criticism. Lately I have been hearing all kinds of constructive and helpful things that is inspiring me to really do some improving here on Urban Wifery.

I would LOVE to hear what you have to say about Urban Wifery – the posts, the recipes, the site itself, the design, the feel, etc.

Here is what I’ve been hearing:

– More ORIGINAL gluten-free recipes (for those of you who don’t know, I have am gluten intolerant – hence most of baked goods being gf)

– More recipes in general

– If it is going to include gluten-free things, really fine-tune the site to be geared as such

– More crafts

– The site could use some color

– Posts more often

What do you think? Please, please, please feel free to tell me what is on your mind! I’m totally open! Feel free to comment, or email me at with your thoughts.

Thanks, as always,


International Women’s Day

8 Mar

It is International Women’s Day. What does that mean? That means all over the world people are celebrating all things woman. Being a woman,I can appreciate this and everything that has been done throughout history for women’s equality. Here at Urban Wifery we are grateful for women, and all that they do. However, in reality, we are grateful for any productive member of society who stands up for themselves, fights for what they feel is right, and can support others while doing it. That is what the League of Urban Wifery is all about – bringing people together who may have different values, are at different places in their lives, etc.

Check out this article from the Washington Post titled “International Women’s Day:10 Ways to Celebrate”

Do something nice for the women in your life today who go unnoticed or noticed, appreciated or unappreciated, and who work their butts off to make your life easier. If you are a woman, take some time to reflect on all of the things you’ve accomplished and all of the people – both male and female – who have gotten you there.

Personally, I have my mother to thank for motivating me to become the ball-buster she is. I also have all of the women in my life who have  taught me not to settle for the status quo, to break the rules, and to stand for equality in accountability. My husband – although he isn’t a woman – has also helped me become the woman I am by pushing my limits and supporting me while I leaped out of my comfort zone.  I’ve been accepted to multiple graduate programs, am in a new house, have loving family, and tons of ideas I can’t wait to share. I am grateful for all of it and everyone.

Yay International Women’s Day. What will you do?


Altgeld, Vincent, and Cherry, oh my!

23 Jan

Okay, people. I know I’ve already shared a link for Altgeld by Vincent Palo under our links for things we love, but here’s the story. His shop is up and running and he is ready to sell, sell, sell! He makes sulfate-free soap felted with Merino wool that comes unscented or in his signature Lemon Verbena scent. Each felted soap is adorned with a wonderful hand-felted image and they come in a handful of colors. What is the deal with felted soap? They’re fabulous for exfoliating, of course! Not only are the cute, smell wonderful, and come in cute packaging, they are functional and leave your skin feeling wonderful. Vincent also makes upcycled totes out of discarded coffee bags and he needle felts each bag with a design (so far he has mustaches, penny farthing bikes, and Victorian dress forms).

Check it out:

But, wait! There’s more! Vincent also is in the upcoming movie Cherry, starring Ashley Hinshaw, James Franco, Heather Graham, and Lili Taylor, among others, directed by Stephen Elliott! How cool is that? He had a wonderful time filming, gained immeasurable amounts of experience, and was part of an amazing project. What is the movie about? Well, Cherry is about a young girl who eventually finds her way into the San Francisco porn industry! Not too shabby, huh?

Check out the trailer:

Don’t forget to check out Vincent Palo on IMDB, or find him on Facebook.