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Thank you!

22 Nov

On this Thanksgiving Thursday, 2012, I would like to thank all of my friends, blog followers, readers, twitter followers, and family who have supported me in starting (and continuing) my blogging adventure. It has been a slow start, but I hope to truly become a gluten free resource and couldn’t do it without all of your support.

This year has been a wild one, and I have all kinds of things to be grateful for. Reflecting upon this past year since last Thanksgiving, let’s recap:

November 2011 – Applied to grad schools, smoked our first turkey on the tiny stoop of our apartment, fully realized we found our first home and panicked about our qualifications and paperwork

December 2011 – Spent most of it wondering if we’d be moving and if I had gotten accepted to graduate school … And had many a moment when I was grateful that I was even fortunate enough to be looking into buying a home or into grad school … Was also grateful for my dad making it a year since his triple bypass and hospital stay in Dec 2010!

January 2012 – Home purchase approved! Waited and waited for move-in date, spent most of the month doing home inspections, wondered about grad school

February 2012 – Moved in to our very first home! It was a really surreal experience.

March/April 2012 – Was accepted to all graduate programs I applied to!

May 2012 – Graduated with my BA in Psychology, began summer-long Operation Make-My-House-A-Home mission, got a job as a nanny for a wonderful family

August 2012 – Started my grad program

September/October 2012 – Whirled around trying to stay sane

November 2012 – Am in disbelief at how my life has been going, am grateful to have such a wonderful husband, warm home, great friends, and an exciting future

Thank you to everyone who has helped me along the way, and to those of you who will support and help me in the future. I am so grateful!

Gluten Free Night at Melting Pot Sacramento Review

22 Oct

Good morning!

For those of you who follow me, you know how excited I get over the opportunity to eat out and not have to worry about being “glutened,” and let me tell you – The Melting Pot here in Sacramento has got that covered. I had previously enjoyed an anniversary dinner there with my husband, but when I heard there was a restaurant-wide gluten free night I had to go back. This time around my mom joined me and we had a fabulous time.

First of all, before I get to the food, let me comment on how helpful and friendly the staff is. The hostesses, servers, and management are extremely helpful, accommodating, and informative.

Our server explained that the evening’s meal would be accompanied by a new bread with the cheese course and an assortment of tasty treats with the dessert course. We were all about trying it! Our server also mentioned that they had gluten free beer available for the cheese fondue that required beer as an ingredient. Nice touch.

For our first course we had the Spinach Artichoke Cheese fondue, made with “Rich Fontina and Butterkäse cheeses blend perfectly with spinach, artichoke hearts and garlic” and although on the website menu it mentions requesting cornstarch, our server informed us that all of The Melting Pot locations have switched over to permanently using cornstarch. Again, a nice touch, and very good to know.

The fondue came with three different types of “dippers” that were equally delicious. We enjoyed green apples, a vegetable medley (broccoli, carrots, and cauliflower), and the most exciting one: bread! The bread was from 7 Sisters Gluten Free, which is a restaurant in Citrus Heights, CA. The bread was chewy, dense, and absolutely perfect for dipping. The flavor paired well with the fondue we chose as well. Yum!

We ate nearly every last drop of the fondue, and if the bowl weren’t so hot we probably would have licked it clean. For those of you who haven’t made it out to The Melting Pot (I know, it can seem pricey), it would be worth it to go for a few cocktails and cheese fondue alone. No need to have the entire four-course meal to enjoy a tasty fondue!

Next we enjoyed the salad course. I enjoyed their new Strawberry Almond Salad while my mom enjoyed the Spinach and Mushroom Salad. Both were absolutely delicious.

Then came the impressive entree course. We enjoyed Court Bouillon, which is “Vegetable broth hand-seasoned with herbs and spices” and it is so good! Our entree plate came out with white shrimp, chicken breast, filet, peppered sirloin (I didn’t catch what the server said, but it was good whatever it was), and mahi mahi. It also came with a bowl full of vegetables (mushrooms, red potatoes, and broccoli) as well as five different sauces for dipping the cooked meat into. The sauces included: Green Goddess, Ginger Plum (yes, gf!), Curry, Gorgonzola Port (my favorite), and a rip-your-face-off cocktail sauce made with horseradish that is to die for. I love anything that has some kick to it, and the cocktail sauce hits the spot. All of their sauces are really flavorful, though, and pair extremely well with the meat and vegetables.

For those of you who may be unfamiliar with how one might cook meat and veggies at a fondue restaurant, it looks a little something like this: you cook it is a rolling pot of broth for a few minutes, pull it out, dip it in a sauce, eat it! Couldn’t be easier, or more fun.

Once we had gorged ourselves on the entree course, it was time for the dessert course. For those of you who have yet to try The Melting Pot, this is another course to come in for without doing all four courses. Go, enjoy a cocktail, and order up a pot of melted chocolate. There is an array of flavors to choose from, and even an option for you to create your own concoction. My mom and I chose dark chocolate with Grand Marnier. So. Good.

When my husband and I enjoyed our anniversary meal I had only fruit and marshmallows. Don’t get me wrong – it was fabulous. However, this evening being a gluten free meal, we were served an impressive plate of sweet treats that made our mouths water (despite being pretty full already). The plate included fresh strawberries, bananas, pineapple, gluten free cheesecake, gluten free lemon cake, and gluten free brownies! The sweets came from Kerry’s  Sweet Decadence, which is worth checking out.

The cakes were a bit soft for dipping, so instead the server suggested we drizzle the chocolate over the treats on our plates. Drizzle we did.

Towards the end of our meal, the General Manager, Leo, came over to chat with us about the evening’s meal. After raving about how wonderful it is to be able to truly enjoy a meal without fear of being sick, he informed me that ALL of their staff go through extensive allergy training, including training on gluten. In fact, he mentioned that they were also tested (4 page test, folks) on things like how many parts per million is safe regarding gluten contamination. Both Leo and our server informed us that the kitchen has separate dishes and whatnot for gluten free prep as well. Music to my ears!

The entire evening was just perfect. Everyone was helpful, knowledgeable, and more than willing to accommodate us. Although all of the delicious treats may not always be on hand just yet (they are working on it), I will happily wait for the next gluten free night. For anyone looking for a gluten free night out or are celebrating a special occasion, The Melting Pot in Sacramento is the place to go. You won’t have to worry about being “glutened,” nor will you have to be bothered by ill-informed staff.

A huge thank-you to everyone at The Melting Pot, as well as to Melanie from the Gluten Free Specialty Store! Don’t forget to check out Melanie’s blog to see what is going on at GF Specialty. 🙂

Gluten Free Eats in Sacramento

18 Oct

One of the largest and most influential resources for those living gluten free here in Sacramento is the Gluten Free Specialty Market. Melanie, one of the busiest women around (just check out their site and blog – you’ll see what I mean), has compiled a great list of restaurants in Sacramento to check out if you are living gluten free. She includes notes about contamination risks, too.

I can’t wait to work my way through the list and see what I can discover myself!

Check out the list here.

I’d like to note that I have a friend who works at The Red Rabbit and he has done an amazing job of educating himself about gluten free eating. He has been with me during my journey, as well as worked with top chefs who have a great deal of experience working in allergy-friendly environments.  He has assured me that RR can accommodate anyone looking for a great gf meal. All you have to do is be sure to communicate with your server/the staff and you can enjoy nearly all of the dishes on the menu at any given time (they have a seasonal menu). I ate there with no ill effects and wrote up a review about my experience as well. I definitely look forward to eating there again!

Gluten free night at the Melting Pot Sacramento!

16 Oct

I know this is short notice, but check it out! This is straight from The Melting Pot‘s website:

Gluten-Free Dinner & Happy Hour


We’re proud to be partnering with 7 Sisters to offer their delicious gluten-free baguette for dipping into our creamy cheese fondues, and with Kerry’s Sweet Decadence for some mouth-watering treats to dip into our irresistible chocolate fondues.

Join us on Wednesday, October 17th to sample these items in our gluten-free happy hour.  Cheese fondue or chocolate fondue for two is $16, and will include these fantastic gluten-free treats.  Wash it all down with $3 beers and $4 glasses of wine or featured cocktails.

Or, go all out and join us for a full gluten-free dinner on Thursday, October 18th.  On this evening, we will be offering the following entirely gluten-free menu:

Cheese fondue:

Your choice of any of our cheese fondues, served with fresh vegetables, apples, and 7 Sisters’ gluten-free baguette to dip.


Your choice of our Spinach & Mushroom Salad, Wisconsin Wedge Salad, or the new Strawberry Almond Salad.


Seasoned choice Angus sirloin, Filet Mignon, White Shrimp, Breast of Chicken, and Salmon, accompanied with fresh vegetables and an array of gluten-free dipping sauces.

Chocolate fondue:

Choose any of our chocolate fondues, served with fresh strawberries, bananas, pineapple, marshmallows, and gluten-free cheesecake, brownies, and lemon yogurt cake from Kerry’s Sweet Decadence.

$78 per couple
(includes all four courses and court bouillon or bourguignonne cooking styles.  Does not include beverages, sales tax, or gratuity.).

You won’t want to miss this spectacular gluten-free dinner!  Reservations are highly recommended.  Call 916.443.2347 to book today!


Partners: The Gluten Free Specialty Market on J and 27th; Kerry’s Sweet Decadence ; 7 Sisters

Pizza Rock Sacramento

31 Aug

Happy Friday, everyone! What better way to celebrate than to go out and grab a bite? Well, I started early and went last night, but would love to do it again tonight.

Anyway, last night my mom and I had dinner at Pizza Rock here in Sacramento. It is downtown across from the Crest Theater, and their outdoor seating makes for the best people-watching spot around.

I had heard that they recently added gluten free pizza to the menu, but when I had called to make sure I was told they often ran out of the gluten free dough. Well, bummer. When I go out to eat it is almost always on a whim, so I figured this place would forever be out of the question. However, after asking my mom if she wanted to go to dinner to celebrate surviving my first week of grad school, she suggested this place. She called and was told they never run out now and suggested we go. Go we did.

The atmosphere is pretty cool. Although we sat outside, the inside is something to be seen, for sure. I made sure to check it all out on my way to the restroom (not gluten-related, thank you).

Our waitress was friendly and willing to answer any of my questions. I asked if they had anything aside from the two gluten free pizzas they offered that was gf on the menu and as willing and friendly as she was, her facial expression gave me the answer I needed. Her eventual response was, “salad?” to which she quickly added, “I could double check for you,” and I continued my interrogation. She was patient and helpful, but the menu only shows to specifically gluten free items (pizzas), and the appetizers are questionable. We did manage to pick apart some of the appetizers (the green beans looked delicious) and discovered they were fried in the same oil as glutened items. Oh, well. Also disappointing: the gluten free pizzas are precariously placed on the page above the delicious pasta dishes that are NOT gluten free, so it is a bit confusing and disappointing.


Aside from this initial disappointment, we were told that any pizza could be made gluten free. Great! Downside? There is a $5.00 up charge. Why it costs $5.00 to do that, I’m not sure, but I’m sure there are reasons. The gluten free pizzas cost $18.00, the pizza we decided upon was $17.00 (we ordered the Cal Italia – yum), but with the charge it became $22.00 for our selection. Was it worth it? I have to say the pizza was pretty tasty. Not only was it delicious, the consistency of the dough wasn’t bad at all and it carried the toppings well. I would’ve eaten more had I had the room, but I was also shoveling a salad that was quite filling.


Their selection of salads was pretty good, and the salad we ordered to share was delicious. It was so good, in fact, we actually enjoyed it ON our pizza. We ordered the Gorgonzola & Apple salad with “Mixed Sonoma Greens, Balsamic Vinaigrette, Gorgonzola, Apples, Spicy Candied Bianchi Orchards Walnuts, Dried Cherries” and it was delicious. The cherries really made it, and it was the perfect accompaniment to the pizza.


Once we had chowed down on most of the salad, a server brought out the pizza and was very patient with us while we double- and triple-checked that it was gluten free. It was surprisingly large in size compared to most gluten free pizzas available and was piping hot. The Cal Italia was a Gold Medal Winner of the Food Network Pizza Champions Challenge and oozes with “Asiago, Mozzarella, Imported Gorgonzola, Sweet Fig Preserve, Prosciutto di Parma, Parmigiano-Reggiano, Balsamic Reduction” and called our names, for sure.


The crust was thick, but not too much so, and wasn’t gooey like some “paste” dough I’ve encountered. It was flavorful and chewy, and was even better topped with some left over salad. Whoever makes the dough (I didn’t ask) has really nailed it. Kudos.


Overall, the service was friendly enough, the time it took for the food to arrive to our table was good, and the food was great. Although I was too hungry (and busy chatting about my grad program) to really inquire about all the logistics of the dough (i.e. where it is made, who handles it, etc.) I’d suggest this place to anyone looking for a really enjoyable gluten free meal. Note: I did take an enzyme pill before the meal, so I’m unable to tell you if I had any real side effects due to the pill’s efficiency in handling the gluten I ingest.

If you’ve been here and had an experience you’d like to share, please let us know!


Happy eating!

Update: GF Picnic moved to 9/29!

31 Jul

Hey everyone!

Check it out: the GF Picnic hosted by the Gluten Girls in San Francisco has moved to 9/29/12, and is no longer 9/22/12.

The picnic is open to the public (invite your friends) and will be in Dolores Park from 11:00 am to 2:00 pm. Come out to meet fellow gf people, bring a gf picnic lunch, and enjoy the day!

Check out the evite and save the date.

GF Picnic in San Francisco 9/22/12

31 Jul

Okay, so this isn’t exactly a cool thing in Sacramento, but it is close enough. The fabulous Gluten Girls of San Francisco are hosting a gluten free picnic open to the public in September at Dolores Park! I am so excited! This is such a wonderful idea and what could be better than a picnic in S.F. (I left my heart when I moved away, for sure) and meeting new people and getting new ideas? Nothing I can think of!

What makes this even better? Well, it is on my birthday! Ha! The picnic will be held on September 22nd, from 11:00 am to 2:00 pm in Dolores Park.

Check out the evite and RSVP!

The Red Rabbit Kitchen and Bar

26 Jul

Boy, oh, boy. Last night we (my hub, dad, and I) FINALLY ate at the new hot spot on J Street here in Sacramento. The Red Rabbit Kitchen and Bar has eluded me for a while because, well, I have no sense of time. I’ve wanted to actually sit down and have a meal there since it opened, but either didn’t have the funds, company, or time to do so. I know, lame. Finally I treated my hub and dad to a meal there and we all left full and satisfied. The sophisticated seasonal menu, welcoming ambiance, and friendly staff made for quite the treat. Note: excuse the dimly lit phone pics – they aren’t perfect, but you’ll get the point.

We arrived around 6 pm and were seated promptly, which is always a huge perk. The simply printed menus were charming and easy to scan – also a perk. Despite my contacts being dry and my dad’s vision strained in the dim lighting (or dim for us) we reviewed the menu well enough to pick out a few choice dishes to sample. The waitress was quick to greet us as well and was more than happy to answer any questions.

I asked if it were possible to hear the gluten free options and I was pleasantly surprised. The menu had four sections: Farm to Plate (salads), Tastes (small plates), Buns (burgers and the like), and Plates and Bowls (entrees). The waitress said all of the salads could be GF, most of the Tastes were GF (she specifically mentioned the Watermelon Three Ways, Summer Rolls, and Portobello Frites), most of the Buns could be made GF (no bun I’m guessing), and a handful (if not most) of the Plates and Bowls could be GF as well. I was suddenly at a loss for what I’d order since I’m used to having maybe two or three options, not an entire menu.

I ended up ordering the Watermelon Three Ways, Summer Rolls, and Portobello Frites because it all sounded so good. You heard me correctly, frites, and that means fried. Word has it the RR has a dedicated GF fryer, or at least a fryer dedicated to dishes that happen to be GF. The frites were absolutely delicious and were coated in a rice flour tempura batter and served with an anaheim chili aioli. Delicious.

The Watermelon Three Ways included the following: red watermelon wrapped in a thin slice of cucumber on a bed of tzatziki sauce topped with feta, mild yellow watermelon (which I had never heard of) topped with a sprig of basil and fresh mozzarella with aged balsamic drizzle, and finally  black watermelon (which I hadn’t heard of either) with manchego cheese on a bed of tomato vinaigrette. Um, YUM. I knew I liked watermelon with all kinds of non-traditional flavors, but goodness. The red watermelon Greek-style was just delicious. I could have enjoyed an entire plate of that alone salad-style. The other two were fabulous as well. Refreshing, innovative, and simple.

The Summer Rolls were also surprisingly good. I don’t say that insinuating I didn’t think they’d be good, but I am not a fan of summer rolls, so I was hesitant. I had heard they were good, though, so I went for it. I wasn’t disappointed. The rolls contained a delicious mix of glass noodles, cucumber, daikon radish, carrot, fresno chiles, mint, cilantro, and thai basil wrapped up in rice paper and served with ponzu and nuoc cham. What I am usually not a fan of is the consistency of the chilled raw rice paper and the chill itself. However, the flavor combination and fresh consistency of the veggies contained within the rice paper was delicious and I found myself wanting to take another bite, and then another. My dad tried one piece, and I devoured the remaining three. My dad is an avid connoisseur of all things well … of all things edible and delicious, and he said the summer rolls were pretty damn good. So there!

My dad ordered the Classic Caesar salad, which the menu describes as, “Romaine Leaves, Croutons, Shaved Granna,” but to my dad’s surprise there were mystery flavors hidden in the tangle of fresh leaves and shaved cheese. It may have been the croutons, but he said it was delicious. I refrained from sticking my fork into the center of his plate, so I’ll take his word for it. He also ordered the Lamb Bocadillas, which were two sliders with “Mini Lamb Patties, Harissa Aioli, Manchego Cheese, Mint Chimichurri, Mache,” and those did not disappoint either. Harissa is a red pepper paste, and mache is a green (lettuce). They were served with a heaping pile of fresh fries and my dad could not get enough of the fries (of all things)! He said they were “killer” and that’s a good thing.

My husband ordered the Fried Egg Burger, which is a “Lucky Dog Ranch Beef Patty, Vega Farm Egg, You Pick the Cheese, Fixins (Yes, you can have it without the egg! It will not offend)” and he chose white cheddar, garlic, and the egg more firm than runny. It was a huge burger. In fact, a few “bites” (or attempts at smashing it in his face) he declared, “I’m going to have to fork-and-knife- this” and so he did. His burger also came with a huge heap of fries, to which he added garlic and they looked and smelled amazing. He devoured the entire plate of food.

For dessert we ordered two specials: a sorbet trio (GF) and Sweet and Salty Candy Bar Pie (NOT GF). My dad inhaled the pretzel/peanut butter/salted caramel/chocolate concoction pie while I enjoyed the sorbet. The hub sat dessert out.

My sorbet trio came with, well, three finds of sorbet (hence “trio,” duh). The flavors were fresh and sophisticated, yet comfortingly simple. The flavors included: watermelon + raspberry, fig + lemon, and vanilla + apricot with honey. Man, oh, man. The fig + lemon sorbet blew my mind. It was as though I was eating straight frozen figs with the scent of lemon, which I’m sure is exactly what it was! The flavor was so pure and rich that I wish I had gotten three scoops of that instead of trying all three flavors (although they were all delicious – don’t get me wrong). The apricot + vanilla with honey didn’t call to me per say, but was unique and pleasing anyway. The honey heavy bites I had were delicious, but I love honey, so maybe I’m a little biased here. The watermelon + raspberry just screams summer and was refreshing and tangy. I inhaled the entire trio in no time.

Aside from the delightful food, I also ordered a Basil Cocktail. I’m a basil lover in general, so of course I’d see it on a menu and have to have it. I’m also a gin lover and this cocktail consisted of “Gin, Fresh Basil, Fresh Lime, Pineapple Gomme, Absinthe” and a perfectly sized ice cube and basil sprig. Yum, yum. It was refreshing, just enough, and complimented what I had ordered really well. One was all I needed.

All of our food, my cocktail, and two sodas cost about 75.00, which at first glance caused me to do a double-take, but it is extremely reasonable considering the quantity and quality of food we enjoyed. I don’t eat out much and/or order more than one thing, so the price got me for a second, but it is well worth it. In fact, there is almost nothing on the menu over 10-15.00 and if it is over that it is an enticing meal like a pork chop with grilled peach salsa and bean cassoulet, or braised lamb shank with all kinds of delicious compliments. Worth it.

The best parts about this place are the ever-changing seasonal menu, laid back vibe, and sophisticated (yet welcoming) decor. They have a beautifully casual back patio and a cozy dinig room in the back that holds just one table for large parties (if I saw it correctly). This place is awesome, accommodating, and refreshing. Anyone in Sac or surrounding areas looking for a GF hot spot to try should check this place out!

The Red Rabbit Kitchen and Bar: 2718 J Street, Sac, 95816

The Melting Pot Sacramento

23 Jul

My husband and I celebrated our 1st year of marriage and our 11th year of togetherness with a wonderful evening at The Melting Pot here in Sacramento. I feel like nearly everyone has heard of the place, but when I finally checked out their website I was impressed to see a gluten-free menu available! It is labeled quite clearly as to what is GF and what isn’t, and there are tons of options. Check out their GF menu for yourself and tell me it isn’t awesome.

Here is how our night went:

We arrived nearly 20 minutes early, which was our poor judgment. We were hoping to be seated despite our early arrival, but the friendly hostess wishes us a happy anniversary (which was a pleasant surprise) and let us know it would be closer to our reservation time of 6:30 pm. I have to admit my hub and I were a bit disgruntled by the wait, but only because we were absolutely starving at that point. However, that was a mere hiccup compared to the lovely night that followed and we realize it is no one’s fault but ours.

We were taken back to our nicely secluded booth just before 6:30 pm and were handed two different menus – one regular, one gluten-free . There is an option online when making reservations to note a gluten allergy, so I was impressed that they actually took note. Not only that, but there was an envelope waiting for us with “Happy Anniversary” written on it. Inside the card were signatures of some of the staff, and that was wonderful sentiment to kick off our evening! The attentiveness right from the get-go was wonderful.


Our waiter showed up promptly and asked if he’d like us to go through the menu (which we declined) and was helpful throughout the evening. What delighted me the most throughout the entire night was the knowledge of the gluten/gluten-free items on the menu. He made a point to place the sauces not suitable for me on my hub’s side of the table and explained what I could and could not have. Not only that, but since my husband (not gluten-free) said to keep the gluten away all of the courses that came out were free for me to devour. The waiter also clarified each time he brought something out that it was indeed gluten-free.

One issue that arose while initially ordering was the issue of the one-pot-two-diets predicament. I am gluten-free, but my husband is not. Initially the waiter said he can bring me gluten-free plates, and bring my hub the normal dippers, but when I inquired if we’d be sharing one pot the waiter asked how sensitive I was. I thought it was an interesting question since I avoid gluten at all costs if I can help it. I didn’t ask because I was hitting hunger meltdown, but I wonder what would be the case for someone who was extremely sensitive dining with someone who wanted gluten. Perhaps they’d have to be seated at a table that accommodated multiple pots.

Anywho, we ordered the Four Course Dinner that allowed us to choose our own dishes with each course. Fir our first course we ordered the Spinach Artichoke Cheese fondue, which was surprisingly assembled in the pot at our table. It was quite a sight for my gluten-wary eyes to be able to visually inspect for myself what was going into my supposedly gluten-free dish. What a relief. I took no enzyme pills, and enjoyed every bite of the gooey goodness that bubbled between us, which was served with broccoli, granny smith apples, cauliflower, and carrots.


Our next course was salad, and while my hub went with the Caesar salad, I had the California salad. It was a delicious mix of baby greens, Roma tomatoes, candied pecans and rich Gorgonzola cheese with raspberry black walnut vinaigrette. I didn’t think I’d eat much of it in an attempt to save room for what was to come, but I ate all but a few leaves. I admit I did take an enzyme pill prior to inhaling my salad because I was afraid of possible cross-contamination (bready hands often help out with salads I hear).


Next was the main course. For our dinner the main course included sirloin, white shrimp, pork, chicken, and teriyaki-marinated sirloin. The waiter was quick to let me know the teriyaki marinade was not safe for me and asked what we would like to replace it with. We opted for some delightful filet, and it was no problem (or extra cost). It also comes with mushrooms, potatoes, and broccoli. You are given a choice as to which cooking method you’d like, and we opted for the Court Bouillon. It was a flavorful vegetable broth that came to the table piping hot and was delicious. When our food arrived to the table I was stunned. It was beautifully presented, came with sauces I hadn’t expected, and there was a ton of it!

The sauces include: a creamy curry yogurt, green goddess, a fiery cocktail sauce that set my face afire (and I loved every moment of it), Gorgonzola port sauce, ginger plum, and teriyaki glaze (not shown in the pic because the waiter attentively set it next to my husband’s plate).

It takes two minutes for the meat to cook, and one and a half minutes for the veggies and shrimp. This course took the longest amount of time to enjoy, but it is worth every minute. My husband and I got a chance to just sit and talk and enjoy each other’s company – something we rarely do due to our conflicting schedules. The staff (not just our waiter) were extremely attentive and never missed a beat in refilling drinks, bringing out more dippers, etc. They also weren’t annoyingly attentive, either. It was thoroughly enjoyable.

For dessert you are given all kinds of options! Although there are plenty of specialty fondues, we chose to do a simple dark chocolate with Grand Marnier fondue. It was absolutely heavenly! In addition to being brought a huge plate of strawberries, pineapple, bananas, and marshmallows, my husband asked what other treats they may have. Here is the kicker: he is allergic to fresh fruit. It developed as a horrifying side effect to a trial asthma treatment when he was an adolescent and has plagued him ever since. So there we were, the gluten-free and fruit-free couple with fruit and two marshmallows to enjoy. Ha! The waiter promptly and happily brought out a small plate with the most delicious-looking glutenous treats you could imagine.


But alas, what were we to do about the single pot of bubbling chocolate between us? Being the ever-accommodating hub that he is, my husband simply drizzled the chocolate over his tasty treats with a spoon. Aside from his inability to really roll his treats around in the chocolate, we both could not have been any happier with the meal or more satisfied. If anything we were too satisfied and felt like we should have been rolled back to our car.

The entire evening was just perfect, and the staff could not have been more helpful or attentive. Although there are some considerations if going with non-GF guests, the experience as a whole was surprisingly worry-free. I am used to uneducated staff, unaccommodating menus, and undeniable contamination. None of those things could be found at The Melting Pot. I definitely will go back, and do so gladly. It was a wonderful experience!


Gluten-free Sacramento

22 May

Hello everyone,

I know. It has been a while. Forgive me. Since my last post I’ve gotten through finals, graduated from college, been accepted to grad school, and got a fun new job. I’ve been pretty busy. However, summer is here and there’s no better time than now to get out and about and enjoy what Sacramento has to offer (especially with some jingle in my pocket).

I know I’ve mentioned a few local restaurants that serve gluten-free options, but since then Sac has REALLY stepped it up. My goal? Hit up every new spot in Sac and report back on their amazing gluten-free options.

Of all the new spots here in Sacramento, the first place I’m dying to try is …

The Red Rabbit Kitchen and Bar –

Do you know of any awesome places here in the area? Or, are you a distant follower and know of some gloriously gluten-free spots in your town? Let me know. And remember – it isn’t just for me, it is for everyone. I know I’m not the only gluten-free urban wife out there struggling to find a bite.

Post, share, tweet, or email!