The Urban Wife

Hey, there. I’m The Urban Wife.

I grew up in San Francisco, moved to the Sacramento area for high school and have lived both places multiple times.  I’m an introvert, love to cook, and am gluten-intolerant. The gluten intolerance is what drives my passion for cooking and baking. This site has morphed into a site devoted mainly to gluten-free recipes and discoveries. I’m always on the lookout for new flavors, styles of gluten-free cooking, and all things gluten-free so check back regularly for the newest info. I hope to one day develop a gluten-free cookbook, baking mixes, and other awesome things so stay tuned!

Aside from my gluten-free journey I hope to one day open a community center where everyone in the community can learn to dance, draw, cook, play, and be themselves. This desire to embrace out-of-the-box living is what inspired the League of Urban Wifery in the first place, actually.

The League of Urban Wifery is a community of people who are proud of what they’re doing with their lives while they are hard at work paving their own way. I know I wasn’t raised to fit any mold, and now that I’m on my own I am excited about what my future holds. Although I am an Urban Wife and love to cook, eat, and craft I am only one of many in the League of Urban Wifery.

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