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Altgeld, Vincent, and Cherry, oh my!

23 Jan

Okay, people. I know I’ve already shared a link for Altgeld by Vincent Palo under our links for things we love, but here’s the story. His shop is up and running and he is ready to sell, sell, sell! He makes sulfate-free soap felted with Merino wool that comes unscented or in his signature Lemon Verbena scent. Each felted soap is adorned with a wonderful hand-felted image and they come in a handful of colors. What is the deal with felted soap? They’re fabulous for exfoliating, of course! Not only are the cute, smell wonderful, and come in cute packaging, they are functional and leave your skin feeling wonderful. Vincent also makes upcycled totes out of discarded coffee bags and he needle felts each bag with a design (so far he has mustaches, penny farthing bikes, and Victorian dress forms).

Check it out: http://www.etsy.com/shop/Altgeld

But, wait! There’s more! Vincent also is in the upcoming movie Cherry, starring Ashley Hinshaw, James Franco, Heather Graham, and Lili Taylor, among others, directed by Stephen Elliott! How cool is that? He had a wonderful time filming, gained immeasurable amounts of experience, and was part of an amazing project. What is the movie about? Well, Cherry is about a young girl who eventually finds her way into the San Francisco porn industry! Not too shabby, huh?

Check out the trailer: http://therumpus.net/cherry/trailer/

Don’t forget to check out Vincent Palo on IMDB, or find him on Facebook.